How to Search

Any of the words or All of the words search

Enter a list of words or phrases to find.  Use quotation marks around phrases, put + in front of any word or phrase that is required, and - in front of a word or phrase to exclude it.  Examples:
    banana pear "apple pie"
  "apple pie" -salad +"ice cream"

Boolean search

Use connectors such as and and or to indicate the relationship between words or phrases in your search request.  Examples:

apple and pear

Both words must be present

apple or pear

Either word can be present

apple w/5 pear

Apple must occur within 5 words of pear

apple not w/5 pear

Apple must not occur within 5 words of pear

apple and not pear

Only apple must be present

name contains smith

The field name must contain smith

Click here for more help on search requests.