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The following statement of policy was unanimously approved by the members of the Administrative Tribunal at its plenary meeting on 27 October 2006:


1.         The Tribunal has decided to undertake an exhaustive review of the Rules of the Tribunal, and expects to complete such work in 2007.


2.         In the meantime, it has taken note of the fact that the current requirements regarding certification of documents, and annexes thereto, submitted to the Tribunal, as contained in article 7 of the Rules, are no longer strictly relevant in view of modern methods of document reproduction and result in an undue number of submissions being returned to parties or otherwise delayed pending completion of certification.


3.         As an interim measure, the Tribunal has decided not to enforce compliance with the current requirements of article 7 of the Rules insofar as certification is concerned, provided that all documents submitted to the Tribunal, at a minimum, comply with the following:


(a)        Submissions:    Parties are still required to submit a total of eight copies of each document, one of which must bear an original signature.  In addition, a statement to the effect that the remaining seven copies are certified as true copies of the signed submission will be accepted as satisfactory certification.  Said statement may be contained either in a cover letter or in the signed submission.  Parties will not be required to individually certify each copy of their submission.


(b)       Annexes:          Parties are still required to certify the first page of each individual annex to the signed submission.  Parties will not be required to individually certify every annex in the remaining seven copies.


4.         This policy will take immediate effect.

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UNAT Statement of Policy of "Certification" & "Internet Publication"

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